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You might be wondering, “what’s with that name?!”. Long story short, I’m a very competitive person with almost everything I do. So years ago when I started getting into trap shooting, I practiced, and practiced, and practiced some more. I got to the point where I was hitting 24 out of 25 birds on a semi regular basis. I just couldn’t seem to get that last bird! Well, being as competitive as I am, I would get pretty ticked off when I couldn’t go 25 straight. Everyone else was telling me good job but the perfectionist in me was not happy. My friends started calling me “Angry Jeff”. Of course, that name stuck, and down the road came Shoot Angry Inc!

Let’s rewind to where it all began.

I hit the range with a buddy of mine and fired my first shots. I was instantly hooked! One gun purchase became two, two became four, and so on. I joined a local sportsman’s club, made a lot of awesome friends, did some training, learned from everyone, started building my own firearms, and loading my own ammo. I was an industrial technician for 18 years so taking things apart and understanding how things work comes pretty easy to me.

My Mission

I started building custom ARs, then moved to Sig’s, on to 1911s, and then Glocks. I ventured into refinishing, paint jobs, smithing, and custom ammo! Most of my friends and family told me, “you should start your own business and do something you live and love.” So here we are. Shoot Angry Inc. took off and I couldn’t believe the support I received! I’m very big on customer service as it seems to be a dying breed these days. I have ALWAYS been amazed by the customer service provided by Ruger and Vortex. I make it my mission to provide that very same level of customer service. Developing relationships with distributors is important but developing relationships with your customers should be priority. I thank you for your business, your support, and your time in reading all about myself and my company! As a friend of mine always says,

“be safe, have fun, and learn something”.